Term and Condition

Here you can find all questions and answers that you need about our locations in PAW PAW & Oldtown

Do you allow Pets?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow pets anymore. Please take note we have nothing against pets and their responsible owners, but this option became troublesome for the business and our cleaning crew. Any pet damage can severely and negatively impact a small business. Thank you for your understanding.

Is there Firewood?

At our Paw Paw, WV location we do have a community fire ring and we do offer free firewood and a free fire starter.
At our Oldtown, MD location we do not have a fire ring area.

How far is Paw Paw, WV far from Oldtown, MD?

Paw Paw, WV is approximately 12 miles apart from Oldtown, MD.
Both locations are very close to the canal.

What is your address, and your GPS location coordinates?

Canal Cabins
143 Louie’s Lane
Paw Paw, WV 25434
Coordinates for Paw Paw, WV location
Latitude: 39.53490382703927
Longitude: -78.45949298361892

Lock 70 - Schoolhouse Inn
143 Louie’s Lane
Oldtown, MD 21555
Coordinates for Oldtown,MDlocation
Latitude: 39.54125950873129
Longitude: -78.60810532996105

Do you have BBQ Grills?

Our Paw Paw, WV location has two outdoor grills. You will need to provide your own charcoal and a lighter fluid which can be found in the surrounding convenience stores in close proximity to the site.

Is there Laundry?

All of our locations have a free laundry room with a complementary detergent and a fabric softener.

Are there Kitchens?

We do not have kitchens; however, all of our locations and units have a Microwave, Refrigerator, Hot/Cold Water Cooler.

Is there Coffee?

Yes! We love coffee! Our Paw Paw, WV location has a French press in each unit and our Oldtown, MD
Location has a coffee maker. Coffee, Creamer, Sugar, non-sugar sweaters are provided free.

Are there linens?

All our locations have complete linens on all beds. You do not need to bring any linens with you.

What is the Bathroom setup?

Our Paw Paw, MD location has a central European style bathhouse with showers. There are no bathrooms in the cabins. Bathrooms and showers are located within 50 feet of all cabins and the bus. They are completely private, and they have ventilation. Once you enter just close and lock the door from inside.
Our Oldtown location has a private bathroom with the shower within the unit.

Do you have toiletries?

Yes, we do! Soap, shampoo, conditioner, and fresh towels are provided.

How does housekeeping work?

We clean only when you check out. We take pride in our cleanliness as we are following a strict COVID-19 protocol with all our locations.

What time is check in and check out?

Check out is at 10:00AM and check in is at 3:00PM at both of our locations. Our incredible cleaning crew needs time to complete all housekeeping before the next guest checks in.

Can I get an early check in or late check out?

We do clean our locations very thoroughly. We usually are not able to alter our times. Thank you for understanding.

Is there parking?

We have plenty of parking in our parking lots. We ask that you use the lots once unloaded and do not park in front of the buildings or on grass. Thank you!

Can we clean our bikes?

Of course! Both locations have bike wash areas.

What do we do with our bikes at night?

There are plenty of areas where you can secure your bike/s to the unit. Also, you may take them inside at both locations, just please make sure they are clean.

Do you book just by the bed?

No. When you book with us you book the whole cabin, bus, or school unit. You do not share your space with any other party.

What are your quiet hours?

We ask that after 9:00PM you carry a level of noise that respects others.

Do you give discounts?

Currently we do not offer any discounts other than 5 or more day stay.

Do you have WiFi?

YES, at all our locations.

Is there someone on the property?

Both locations are self-check in. Normally there is no one present as we respect your privacy and comfort level. Regardless, we can be reached by phone and normally be there within 20 minutes, if necessary.

When do I get the entry code?

We email you the code usually within a week of your reservation, or sooner. Please have your check your messages or email for an entry code.

When I book the Lock 70 - Schoolhouse Inn can I use the gymnasium?

For short, yes, you can. However, this is not our property and it can only be accessed through the Schoolhouse Kitchen (owned by a separate party) during their business hours. Please keep in mind that they are closed on Mondays and their business hours can vary. Our guests can utilize the space if permitted by the Schoolhouse Kitchen staff. When using this area please exercise caution, be respectful, be careful, and do not do anything that can jeopardize use of space for someone after you. Thank you!

What route can I use while the Paw Paw Tunnel is being under construction?

The contractor has begun providing a shuttle service between the intersection of the towpath and Tunnel Hill Trail to the intersection of the trail and Tunnel Hill Road. The service is provided during work hours, 7am-5pm on Monday-Friday, weather permitting. N95 masks are available for visitor use for on the shuttle ride, and portable toilets are provided on both ends of the detour.

Will the shuttle include the handling of bikes?

Yes, front and back bike racks will be fitted on the Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV). The UTV is capable of transporting up to four visitors with associated bicycles at a time.

What care will be taken to not damage the bikes during transport?

The construction contractor’s employees will assist with securing bicycles and associated visitor gear for the shuttle. If desired, visitors can strap their own bikes onto the racks.

Will trucks be used/will bikes be stacked together?

Bike racks will be used. The UTV does have a bed that can be used to transport recumbent tricycles or other gear/equipment. Adaptors are available to fit various size and style bicycles.

What can large groups do?

If you anticipate bringing a large group through the detour during anticipated times of shuttling, please contact choh_information@nps.gov or 301-739-4200. Be sure to include details such as date, time of day, number of people, and any other pertinent information.

Does it cost anything for the shuttle?

The shuttle is provided by the construction contractor at no cost to park visitors.

Where can I find more information about the ongoing constructions works and detours?

For more information about the construction work project and related FAQ, please visit National Park Service official website.