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Canal Cabins in Paw Paw, WV & Schoolhouse Inn - Lock 70 in Oldtown, MD are perfect glamping spots for any family, bicyclist, hiker, or outdoors enthusiast in a very close proximity to C&O canal. Looking to conveniently escape the busy city life and relax? Then Canal Cabins is for you!

Both of our locations are 12 miles apart and offer comfort and safety without compromising on modern amenities.

We are conveniently located within 2 hours drive time of major metropolitan areas. All of our units are affordable, and we never charge cleaning fees.

Look no further. You found the spot!

Our Paw Paw, WV location is closed during winter months ...BUT... Schoolhouse Inn - Lock 70 in Oldtown, MD is open the whole year around.

Paw Paw, WV location!

Canal Cabins Address

143 Louie’s Lane

Paw Paw, WV 25434

Coordinates for Paw Paw, WV location

Latitude: 39.53490382703927

Longitude: -78.45949298361892

Location Map

Oldtown, MD location!

Lock 70-Schoolhouse Inn

19210 Opessa Street

Oldtown, MD 21555

Coordinates for Oldtown, MD location

Latitude: 39.54125950873129

Longitude: -78.60810532996105

Location Map
Cabin 1 / Paw Paw

The Bunk Cabin, our closest lodging to the C&O Canal, is quaint but welcomes up to 4 people in plush bunks.

Room Details
Cabin 2 / Paw Paw

The Queen Cabin, our closest lodging to the C&O Canal, is charming and welcomes up to 2 people in a plush queen-size bed.

Room Details
Cabin 3 / Paw Paw

The Two Singles Cabin comfortably welcomes up to 2 people in plush single beds. It is perfect for bicyclists who need privacy and comfort.

Room Details
Cabin 4 / Paw Paw

The Queen Cabin, our closest lodging to the C&O Canal, is charming and welcomes up to 2 people in a plush queen-size bed.

Room Details
The Bus / Paw Paw

The Bus at Canal Cabins is a truly unique experience. If you are looking for something different than a traditional cabin, this is it! The Bus has a queen bed that sleeps comfortably 2 people.

Room Details
Schoolhouse / Oldtown

Schoolhouse Inn space is an open concept classroom inside of an old school. Guests enjoy the entire space of this open area. It welcomes up to 6 people, which includes 1 king bed & 4 bunk beds.

Room Details


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Frequently Asked Questions for All Locations
01. Do you allow Pets?
Unfortunately, we cannot allow pets anymore. Please take note we have nothing against pets and their responsible owners, but this option became troublesome for the business and our cleaning crew. Any pet damage can severely and negatively impact a small business. Thank you for your understanding.
02. Is there Firewood?
At our Paw Paw, WV location we do have a community fire ring and we do offer free firewood and a free fire starter.
At our Oldtown, MD location we do not have a fire ring area.
03. How far is Paw Paw, WV far from Oldtown, MD?
Paw Paw, WV is approximately 12 miles apart from Oldtown, MD
Both locations are very close to the canal.

Resources and Attractions for
Canal Cabins and Lock 70 – Schoolhouse Inn

Paw Paw, WV and Oldtown, MD are 12 miles apart, conveniently located close to C&O canal towpath. These are remote areas in the western Maryland and West Virginia that do not have a lot of modern assets and commodities, but they are rich with Civil War history and natural resources. One would just need to know where to look and what to look for. Therefore, we wanted to make it easier for the visitors to find useful historical information by creating a page for resources and attractions besides a basic material where to stop for a meal. Thank you for loving the outdoors as much as we do!

Canal Cabins Crew

We hope these resources and attractions would be of interest and use to you while visiting Paw Paw, WV and Oldtown, MD. Thank you for visiting!


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